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Asteroid identifier

This page is for astronomers wishing to check the identity of asteroid they just found. Simply fill in the form below and press the check button. In the resulting page you will be presented with a list of asteroids which are close to the given position at the given time. Please note that the positions will be accurate (of order 1 arc second) only for about two month around the current date. The asteroid database used is computed at the Lowell Observatory by E. Bowell.

This service demonstrates a use of the asteroid_server, developed by Jure Skvarc. Asteroid_server provides many other functions and does not require WWW interface and therefore allows processing of a larger number of requests for batch processing.

Some hints: If you are not up to the ultimate precison, do not bother to fill in the Longitude, Latitude and Altitude fields. If you already calculated the decimal day, go directly to that field.

Longitude (East negative) decimal degrees
Latitude (North positive) decimal degrees
Altitude   meters
Year Month Day Hour Minute Second
Decimal day
Right ascension [hh:mm:ss.ss] : :
Declination [dd:mm:ss.s] : :
Limiting magnitude: Search distance: arc minutes

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