By taking a lot of astronomical images you gradually build a library which may be someday useful, for example when somebody discovers a new object and you may have a prediscovery image. It becomes increasingly difficult, however, to find proper data when the number of images goes into thousands. This was a motivation for developing a program fits2pg which reads FITS header of astronomical files and stores information from the header into a POSTGRES database. Most important are the values of the WCS keywords and the time of observation. For more details, and to see how the program works, please see the README file or download the sources.


Fitsfrompg makes just the opposite as fits2pg. It outputs names of the FITS images which contain certain coordinates and, optionally, were taken during a specified time interval. Of course, name of the archive (presumably CD-ROM) is also given so it is easy to find the required image. Some details on use of this program are contained in the README file. You can also download sources.

For use of fits2pg and fitsfrompg you need a working Postgres database version 6.3 or later. Back to index